matroller machine hoofding
Tapijtroller machines fabriek


Lamac Machinery N.V is a Belgian company specializing in machinery for the laundry and textile sector.
Everything is developed and assembled in-house.
All products meet the strictest safety standards.
With our global network of dealers we can guarantee excellent service worldwide.

The machines

RM18 RM13S RM18 Mathotel met kar

  • For rolling up anti dust mats , carpets and rugs, towels, ( EPDM ) gummy and textile products, camping mattresses, isolation materials, glasfibre, artificial grasses, etc. … (where you can earn money with immediately!)
  • Vulcanizing presses for repairing rubber mats. These presses can also embed RFID chips as well as labelling your logo in the edge of the mat
  • The Presses could be used also for other vulcanizing or labelling applications
  • Feeders and folders Foltex
  • Storage racks for rolled materials
  • As well as strapping machines for binding of the carpets and other applications

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